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The Felps Group has assisted Mom-n-Pop shops, non-profit organizations, start-ups and Fortune 50s. We primarily create Intranet sites and perform rapid prototyping for large companies and thus we cannot link to them from here. We have built corporate portals, marketing portals, training portals and documentation sites with over 26,000 pages. However, we have built other sites for individuals, small businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and start-ups. Some are client quality, others we list to help support the sites. Due to agreements with some clients we are unable to list them publicly. Therefore, a partial list is provided here.

Name/Link Description Type Status
Solar Energy Entreprenuers Network We are sponsoring Solar Energy Entreprenuers Network of Texas and Austin Solar Energy Entreprenuers Network by designing, creating, maintaining and hosting their web sites. Client Developing
GIT Satellite Communications We enhanced this site. Client Enhancing
NRE We created and maintain this site. Client Start-Up
Pure Rain We created and maintain this site. Client Start-Up
Scott F Soape & Associates, LLC We update and maintain this site as needed. Client Live/Ongoing
Commercial Debt Resolution Business We update and maintain this site as needed. Client Live/Ongoing
Pufferbelly's of Waco A custom built site for selling toy trains. There wasn't a good shopping cart and inventory control system available to provide a robust shopping experience for toy trains, so we built one. It's a solution for the hobby industry. Client Live/Ongoing
Your Worship Source We were hired to resolve a royalty payment problem. We developed a complete royalty payment system integrated into the osCommerce shopping system. The music industry could save thousands if they used it! Client Live/Ongoing
Nacq We provide web consulting to this company. It is the umbrella company to DPPF. Client As Requested
Digital Picture Printing Framing We provide web consulting to this company. Such as navigation, layout, and changes to the processes to simplify shopping and increase traffic and purchases. Client As Requested
SideTracks Another toy train site. Client Under Development
IBM Certification This site was redesigned and developed in 1998 in about 2 weeks. Still in use today and still extremely cost effective to maintain. Historical Live
CalendarConnection This was a prototyping effort to see how we could automate affiliate sales into a web site. This was done in 1997 and still runs and makes money today. Project Self running
eCals Another prototyping effort, using Amazon.com's affiliate program and calendars but with a new approach. Project Self running
eGrip A site to help people get a grip on life through simple changes and ideas. A pet project of the owner, this site was started during a down time period, but is now only updated by the automated prototyping agent and when the owner has some spare time. Project In Progress
Felps.com The Robert Felps family's personal web site. Mainly a photo gallery site. Project In Progress
RRHS Dragon Choir We inherited this site. We basically reworked it for all new requirements. Robert Felps maintains it for the choir. Volunteer Live/Ongoing (In transition)
RRHS Proud Dragon Parents / Projet Graduation We built this site using Joomla, a complete content management system (CMS) Robert Felps maintains it for Project Graduation. Volunteer Live/Ongoing
Network for Life of Austin, Inc We set this up using Mambo so the NFLofA people could maintain it themselves. It's a work in progress, but doing well. Volunteer Live/Ongoing
Love-n-Romance A site for marriage enrichment based on Christian (bible) truths. Client Pending
Valentino Ventures A site for a company promoting the Christian faith through romantic avenues. Client Pending
Hillcrest Baptist Church We started this site years ago, probably 1995. It has long been turned over to some super volunteers who do a great job redesigning it and maintaining it. Historical Historical
Deepwood Elementary A simple site for parent information, still looks like a 1995 site. Handed off to others as our children grew up. Ah, the Dino's! Historical Historical
Internet Travel Master A travel directory for independent travel suppliers. Project Stale
WW Third Rock, Inc. The new name and web site for Third Rock. Associate Live
Commercial Debt Resolution, USA Our Commercial Debt Resolution division web site. Associate Live/Ongoing
The Felps Group Business and Technical consulting firm for small and medium businesses. Our Site Live/Ongoing