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The Felps Group works with a network of businesses and professional consultants to provide a complete and knowledgable solution to your business needs.

If there is a problem we can't resolve or a project we can't address ourselves we have the ability to bring together a virtual team of experts to solve the problem or work on the project. This allows us to grow our resources as needed and reduce them when not needed, keeping our overhead to a minimum. Which we pass on to you in savings.

WW Third Rock, Inc. Third Rock is a technical consulting and recruiting firm. It is a woman owned, State of Texas, historically under-untilized business (HUB). It is a sub-vendor for IBM Corporation and the State of Texas.
Third Rock Third Rock is a division of WW Third Rock, Inc. that provides web solutions. It is a web design and development firm.
Commercial Debt Resolution, USA Commercial Debt Resolution, USA is a division of The Felps Group. Because of our history in negotiations for businesses we found this business was a perfect fit for us.