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About Us

The Felps Group is the new name for Robert Felps' consulting business. However, The Felps Group now has the strength of several consultants and busineses who associate to offer complete solutions.

Robert Felps - Founder/Owner/Consultant

Robert Felps is a business and technical professional with over 20 years experience identifying problems then analyzing, designing, implementing and managing innovative solutions to improve bottom-line results while reducing overall costs and schedules. He has worked for Fortune 50 corporations and high tech start-ups. His experience as a systems analyst, network administrator, distributed computer expert (SOA), corporate web designer, business analyst, project manager, executive consultant and business owner have provided Robert with a wide range of expertise and mature understanding of how technology can benefit business. He is a dynamic, confident mentor, communicator and leader with exceptional understanding and empathy. He is the author of Illustrated UNIX® System V/BSD. He is the owner of The Felps Group, a company providing technical solutions for businesses. He enjoys traveling and volunteering.

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